Home Security Systems in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Comprehensive Home Alarm Monitoring in Raleigh – Durham NC

The area known as Raleigh – Durham in North Carolina comprises two distinct cities. Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina and has a population of just over 430,000. Durham is close to Raleigh, home of Duke University and has a population of around 230,000. Despite being unique in their own right, both cities have property crime rates that require proven and dependable protection, which makes AlarmForce the prime choice when it comes to home alarm companies in Raleigh – Durham NC.

AlarmForce offers an impressive array of products and tools that are designed to keep burglars out and swiftly bring them to justice if they are foolish enough to try and get in. Founded in 1988, AlarmForce is the company that other home security systems try to emulate, because what they do consistently brings positive results.

Raleigh – Durham NC Crime Stats

In Durham, North Carolina the total property crimes reported in 2012 were 10,279. In Raleigh, North Carolina the 2012 overall number was 13,779.

*Property crimes consist of: theft, robbery, break and enter, and possession of stolen goods.

AlarmForce Home Alarms in Raleigh – Durham NC Proven Effective!

AlarmForce has established a track record of success when it comes to home alarm installation in Raleigh – Durham NC. Technologies like video cameras and cellular have created a home security scenario where the house virtually comes alive to combat every possible situation.

Video Surveillance cameras give your home eyes in any situation indoor, outdoor and even at your doorbell. The doorbell camera also gives the house a voice with two-way voice communication. The system activation is free and it has a warranty. With security cameras you can:

  • See what is happening around the house when you aren’t home.
  • Have a live two-way conversation with anyone in the house through your cell phone via the doorbell camera.
  • Run the complete system using only a high-speed internet connection.

The AlarmForce cellular system is the ultimate back up in case a burglar cuts your phone line before breaking in. Cellular comes standard with all AlarmForce systems and it uses a wireless signal so even if the phone line has been tampered with or completely destroyed, AlarmForce will still get the signal. With a cellular signal:

  • The system will run smoothly no matter what happens with the land line; even if you don’t have one, because it uses a cellular signal.
  • The central station operators at AlarmForce will receive the alarm signal and will be able to authoritatively warn intruders that the police are on their way.

AlarmForce is able to custom-tailor the overall home alarm system to suit your specific needs and budget, so your home security in Raleigh – Durham NC is never in doubt.

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If you’re like most residents in Raleigh – Durham NC, you’re concerned about your home security. You know living your life in worry is really no way to live at all, but the last thing you want to do is give in to criminals. AlarmForce has a proven track record of success in Raleigh – Durham NC and the truth of the matter is, most would-be criminals won’t even bother once they see that your home is protected by AlarmForce. The thing that home burglars want above all else is an easy time of it, with little resistance. They don’t want ear-piercing alarms interrupting them or operators ordering them out of the house and calling police or their images captured on video for all to see. The AlarmForce name is widely recognized in Raleigh – Durham NC. We’re experts in home security, because home security is what we do. AlarmForce will provide you with a home alarm system for your Raleigh – Durham NC home that will fit your budget, it will fit your lifestyle, and it will give you peace of mind, so you can live your life and leave the home alarm monitoring to the experts.