Home Security Systems in Cincinnati, Ohio

Complete Home Alarm Monitoring in Cincinnati Keeps Residents Safe

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio is located on the border between Ohio and Kentucky on the north bank of the Ohio River. Inside the city limits, the population sits at around 297,000, but the population of the surrounding Cincinnati metropolitan area swells to more than 2 million. This means home alarm companies in Cincinnati are very important, and that AlarmForce is among the leaders working to keep property crime down.

Cincinnati was first settled back in 1788, and even though AlarmForce wasn’t founded until 200 years later, the two share a deep connection. The residents of modern-day Cincinnati rely on AlarmForce to provide cutting edge home security that keeps burglars away and protects the things that are most important to them. The property crime statistics in Cincinnati show that comprehensive home protection is more a necessity than anything else.

Cincinnati Crime Stats

The 2012 *property crime incidents in Cincinnati stood at 18,173. This number was more than 20,000 in 2011, and with more residents equipping themselves with AlarmForce products, that number will likely be lower next year.

*Property crimes consist of: theft, robbery, break and enter, and possession of stolen goods.

Discover the Best Home Alarms in Cincinnati

AlarmForce is the perfect choice for the residents of Cincinnati because they provide complete home security for the ultimate protection. Exclusive products such as video cameras and cellular create a home alarm strategy where every possible situation is covered.

During home alarm installation in Cincinnati, the AlarmForce team can quickly install video cameras as part of the overall system.

With video surveillance cameras you can:

  • Watch your kids as they arrive home from school each day.
  • Peek in on your house remotely at other times to make sure all is well
  • Have live, two-way voice communication with anyone through your cell phone via the doorbell camera.
  • Keep the system up and running using only your high-speed internet connection.

The effectiveness of any home burglar alarm in Cincinnati also depends on being able to keep the system operational without a home phone line. The AlarmForce Cellwave system is unique among home alarm companies in Cincinnati, as it works using a wireless signal so the home phone line is irrelevant. Cellular signal technology enhances home security in Cincinnati by:

  • Sending the alarm in to AlarmForce through a cellular signal, so it works if you don’t have a home phone line.
  • Allowing AlarmForce central station operators to let intruders know the police have been called, even if the land line has been cut, which is a common home burglary tactic.

No homeowner wants a generic home security package that is the same for everyone, and AlarmForce is able to customize your system so it fits your budget, your property and your lifestyle. Some homes just need a little more than others for total protection, and with AlarmForce you’re able to get what you need to cover every possible angle, so your life in Cincinnati is just as peaceful and enjoyable as you want it to be.

Call AlarmForce Today to Discover the Home Security Package that’s Right for Your Cincinnati Home!

If you’re like most residents in Cincinnati, you’re concerned about your home security. You know living your life in worry is really no way to live at all, but the last thing you want to do is give in to criminals. AlarmForce has a proven track record of success in Cincinnati and the truth of the matter is, most would-be criminals won’t even bother once they see that your home is protected by AlarmForce. The thing that home burglars want above all else is an easy time of it, with little resistance. They don’t want ear-piercing alarms interrupting them or operators ordering them out of the house and calling police or their images captured on video for all to see. The AlarmForce name is widely recognized in Cincinnati. We’re experts in home security, because home security is what we do. AlarmForce will provide you with a home alarm system for your Cincinnati home that will fit your budget, it will fit your lifestyle, and it will give you peace of mind, so you can live your life and leave the home alarm monitoring to the experts.