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Home Security Systems in Orlando, Florida

Get Comprehensive Home Alarm Monitoring in Orlando

Orlando is a destination city in Florida that is home to some of the most popular theme parks the world has to offer, including Universal Studios Florida, Walt Disney World and Sea World Orlando. The population of the city of Orlando is around 238,000, but that number is usually swollen due to the multitude of visitors. The Orlando metropolitan area has a total population of over 2 million, and with so much going on the criminal element is never too far away.

Homes in Orlando that generally don’t have issues with burglary and similar crimes are protected by AlarmForce. Among home alarm companies in Orlando, AlarmForce has a reputation that burglars are aware of, and respect when making decisions on which properties to target. The weather, activities and atmosphere of Orlando draw people to the city, but criminals are also drawn, and it takes a powerful home security company to keep them at bay.

Orlando Crime Stats

The total number of *property crimes in Orlando in 2012 was 16,304 which shows that if you reside within the city limits or even have a condo that you rent out to visitors, proper protection is a must.

*Property crimes consist of: theft, robbery, break and enter, and possession of stolen goods.

Powerful Home Alarms in Orlando

AlarmForce provides powerful protection in home security and we are able to offer exciting extras during typical home alarm installation in Orlando. Two of these extras; “VideoRelay” and “Cellwave” are exclusive to AlarmForce and unprecedented in the industry.

The AlarmForce VideoRelay system consists of weatherproof video cameras that can be installed on the interior and exterior of the house. With VideoRelay you can:

  • Check in on your kids so you feel secure when you aren’t there.
  • Communicate with anyone in the house, including burglars, live via your cell phone.
  • Make it all work using just the regular high-speed internet connection.

The Cellwave system by AlarmForce basically gives you a home burglar alarm in Orlando that doesn’t require a typical home telephone connection. Cellwave works by using a wireless signal, so if you’ve given up having a home phone or something happens to your line it will still work. The two-way live voice service and 95-decibel alarm are still part of the package. With Cellwave:

  • The alarm signal is sent to AlarmForce through a cellular signal, so the standard land line isn’t necessary.
  • The AlarmForce central station operators can threaten burglars via two-way voice, even if they have cut the land line.

Successful home security in Orlando is a simple as allowing AlarmForce to custom-tailor your alarm system to suit your needs and budget. Everyone’s lifestyle is a little different, so cookie cutter home security packages are rarely effective. Enjoy your life and allow AlarmForce to protect your home.

Call AlarmForce Today to Discover the Home Security Package that’s Right for Your Orlando Home!

If you’re like most residents in Orlando, you’re concerned about your home security. You know living your life in worry is really no way to live at all, but the last thing you want to do is give in to criminals. AlarmForce has a proven track record of success in Orlando and the truth of the matter is, most would-be criminals won’t even bother once they see that your home is protected by AlarmForce. The thing that home burglars want above all else is an easy time of it, with little resistance. They don’t want ear-piercing alarms interrupting them or operators ordering them out of the house and calling police or their images captured on video for all to see. The AlarmForce name is widely recognized in Orlando. We’re experts in home security, because home security is what we do. AlarmForce will provide you with a home alarm system for your Orlando home that will fit your budget, it will fit your lifestyle, and it will give you peace of mind, so you can live your life and leave the home alarm monitoring to the experts.

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“Initial online inquiry - received immediate phone call (your competitor never did call); installation no up-selling, in fact prudent advice on need for a single motion sensor rather the two I had planned; ease of use and hands-on training before the installation technician left,including on smartphone, is fantastic.”

Louella, AB

“I feel 100% better when I'm not home, knowing my alarm service is going to work. Thank you.”

Kathy, ON

“They guy you sent was very good at his job and friendly. Thank you for having good people working for you and helping me.”

Shirley, BC

“We have been very satisfied with all dealings with AlarmForce personnel. Especially with the technicians who have come to our home.”

David, OH

“We are so glad we have this system. We feel much safer and are pleased to rest in the knowledge our possessions are protected.”

Patricia, NC

“It is the best I had at my home. Next to zero chance of a false alarm.”

Frank, FL

“I like the feeling of safety and confidence when I leave my house and garage unattended. The system is basic and uncomplicated. Thanks for the secure feeling.”

Carol, BC

“Your help whenever I make an error on entry is much appreciated. Thank you – living alone makes this service essential.”

Harold, AB

“Your company has given me peace of mind. I never think twice when I leave my home as long as the alarm is set. Thank you for your security.”

Ingrid, BC

“Very happy with the alarm and the smoke/fire option. Never had a problem and main battery changed by competent, courteous person.”

Sven, BC

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