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Burglar Alarm System

Does AlarmForce protect my entire house?

AlarmForce offers you the ability to tailor the system to your needs, whether it is to protect your entire house or selected rooms, you can choose the number of sensors to install. We have found that our basic package is more than sufficient for the average house, however if you wish to add extra protection, the system is completely adaptable to individual needs. Smoke detectors, wireless pendants, and a variety of other components are available to meet your needs.

Why should I trust AlarmForce over other alarm systems?

With offices from coast to coast, AlarmForce has been servicing thousands of families since 1988. AlarmForce is a publicly traded company and is listed on the TSX.

How is AlarmForce better than other systems?

Other alarm systems do not provide an instant response; in fact, they make you wait in a queue once they receive your signal and then proceed to phone your house to determine if it is a false alarm. This procedure wastes valuable time and if your phone line has been cut they have no way of communicating with you.

How does AlarmForce system work?

AlarmForce's proprietary two-way wireless system works through your own telephone. Motion sensors are strategically positioned throughout your house to ensure effective security for you and your family.

What is live two-way communication, and what does it mean for safety?

AlarmForce developed Alarmvoice, the two-way voice communication system. Using this system we can speak live to the burglar and hear what is happening on the premises to see if anyone is in trouble and needs help. Other alarm companies may tell you that they provide voice communication, but it is only a pre-recorded chip. It is not LIVE, and it is only one-way. Additionally, AlarmForce provides full lifetime warranty for equipment malfunction on your monitored Alarmvoice system.

What happens when my phone line is cut?

AlarmPlus - an additional level of protection will be activated the instant the line is cut. When the phone line is disabled, a wireless signal will be sent to the central station and operators will dispatch the authorities. Other alarm systems will not send or receive a signal if your phone line has been cut, and as a result no authorities will be alerted of the break-in.

What important information should I know about VOIP Telephone Service?

There is a service available to provide a lower cost phone service over high-speed Internet (VoIP). AlarmForce recommends that you use a regular landline telephone service for use with your alarm system. If you are considering replacing your existing telephone service with VoIP, please be aware that you may prevent your alarm from communicating with the monitoring station. This service is only as dependable as the internet connection in the premise, which can experience network outages or be affected by power failures. In fact, because of these service outages or slowdowns, many VoIP telephone providers advise their clients not to rely on their services for alarm systems. We are concerned about your safety and security and we want to ensure that your Alarmvoice system provides you and your family with consistent peace of mind. We strongly recommend combining AlarmPlus with Alarmvoice if you use any VOIP or other non traditional phone service to ensure your uninterrupted safety and protection.

Why is the AlarmForce logo the most effective deterrent?

The AlarmForce logo has the highest deterrent value of any alarm system because of the patented line-cut technology and two-way communication. AlarmForce actively advertises the line-cut technology to inform potential thieves that the technology exists, acting as a deterrent to future break-ins.

Why would I sign a monitoring contract with AlarmForce?

A monitoring contract is standard in the industry. Signing AlarmForce's monitoring agreement means that our rates to you, our customer, are guaranteed not to increase for the length of the contract.

What about a warranty?

AlarmForce provides a complete warranty on all labour and replacement parts for the duration of the monitoring contract. In addition, much of this alarm equipment is covered beyond the contract with a lifetime warranty. At AlarmForce, we manufacture, install, service, and monitor the equipment ourselves so there is no need to worry about who is protecting your home. Other alarm companies will outsource their services, which usually means an additional charge for an extended warranty. All AlarmForce personnel are company employed and extensively trained.

Why doesn't AlarmForce recommend window contacts?

Window contacts are expensive and ineffective. A thief can simply break the window glass, without opening it, and enter your home without tripping the alarm. AlarmForce knows that the most effective system in home protection involves motion sensors. By combining motion sensors with our patented two-way communication technology, you will be in direct voice contact with an AlarmForce operator almost immediately after a break-in. In certain specific situations window sensors can be installed, often coupled with glass break sensors

Do I own the equipment?

No, there is no value to you, the customer, in owning the equipment. Owning your own equipment can be expensive, as you would have to pay for all system upgrades and service calls. AlarmForce's equipment is yours to use for as long as you are our customer and it is fully warranted for parts, labour and service.

Can I activate the alarm system when I am home alone?

Absolutely! AlarmForce sensors can be positioned in your home to protect areas around you. In addition, a wireless panic button can be added for extra peace of mind. As well, any telephone in your house will send a wireless panic signal

I have a cat and a dog, can I still have an alarm system installed?

Almost 50% of AlarmForce's customers have pets. The sensors can be positioned to create a "pet alley" that allows your pets to be mobile while the alarm is set. Because our system is wireless it is very easy to adapt for pets.

Can AlarmForce listen in and invade my privacy?

No, it is not possible; we guarantee it! Not only is eavesdropping illegal, our two-way communication technology is not designed to initiate a call, only to respond to a signal.

I have an AlarmForce system, but do not have AlarmPlus, how do I install it?

AlarmPlus can be installed at any time. Simply contact us at 1-800-267-2001.

I have another alarm company's system. Can I have the Alarmvoice or AlarmPlus features installed?

Give us a call. Some competitive systems can be converted to include both of these advanced and affordable features.



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“Initial online inquiry - received immediate phone call (your competitor never did call); installation no up-selling, in fact prudent advice on need for a single motion sensor rather the two I had planned; ease of use and hands-on training before the installation technician left,including on smartphone, is fantastic.”

Louella, AB

“I feel 100% better when I'm not home, knowing my alarm service is going to work. Thank you.”

Kathy, ON

“They guy you sent was very good at his job and friendly. Thank you for having good people working for you and helping me.”

Shirley, BC

“We have been very satisfied with all dealings with AlarmForce personnel. Especially with the technicians who have come to our home.”

David, OH

“We are so glad we have this system. We feel much safer and are pleased to rest in the knowledge our possessions are protected.”

Patricia, NC

“It is the best I had at my home. Next to zero chance of a false alarm.”

Frank, FL

“I like the feeling of safety and confidence when I leave my house and garage unattended. The system is basic and uncomplicated. Thanks for the secure feeling.”

Carol, BC

“Your help whenever I make an error on entry is much appreciated. Thank you – living alone makes this service essential.”

Harold, AB

“Your company has given me peace of mind. I never think twice when I leave my home as long as the alarm is set. Thank you for your security.”

Ingrid, BC

“Very happy with the alarm and the smoke/fire option. Never had a problem and main battery changed by competent, courteous person.”

Sven, BC

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