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AlarmForce FAQs

Does AlarmForce protect my entire house?

Why should I trust AlarmForce over other alarm systems?

How does the AlarmForce system work?

What is live two-way communication, and what does it mean for safety?

I have a cat and a dog. Can I still have an alarm system installed?

Can AlarmForce listen in and invade my privacy?

AlarmCare FAQs

Does AlarmCare offer fall detection?

I want to order the system for a loved one. Can I pay the monthly fee and set up the billing to a separate address?

Will the help button work if I am away from my home?

Is there a long-term contract I have to sign?

If I press the help button, and I cannot respond to the operator, will you still send help?

Can I bring my Emergency Pendant into the shower?

What about a warranty?