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Vacation Security Report

on Jul 06, 2016

Over 40% (43.5%) of Canadians are concerned with having their homes broken into while away on vacation, according to our Recreational Property Security report.

As we head into the summer months where Canadians are more likely to be spending time away, it’s important to remember to take the right precautions to ensure that properties are protected from unwanted guests. Statistics Canada reported that in 2014 there were 151,900 break-ins that occurred across Canada and home invasions were also one of the most common forms of property crime.

The RCMP have stated that the summer season has the most amount of break-ins as people are more likely to be on vacation, or away at their recreational properties for long periods of time leaving their properties vulnerable to break-ins. The recreational security report found that over 20% of Canadians have already experienced having their properties broken into while away.

Be sure to read the rest of our great report for more information and some helpful tips to secure your recreational property and home while away.

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