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AlarmForce's Two-Way Voice Alarm Monitoring saves the day in North Carolina

on Jun 03, 2015

At 1.30 AM on May 31st we received an alarm signal from the premises of Leona S. that was triggered by a glass-break sensor.  Within seconds, Deo from our Central Alarm Monitoring Station quickly responded over the live two-way voice speaker inside the home.

Leona confirmed her identity to Deo with her verification code word. She had heard a noise and was too afraid to go see what might have caused it.  In response, AlarmForce quickly dispatched the police and communicated to them that glass had broken and the situation might be urgent.

The police arrived promptly and found a burglar on the main floor of the home, who they quickly apprehended. The burglar had smashed a window on the main floor and triggered the glass-break sensor.

Throughout the process, Central Alarm Monitoring Station agent Deo stayed on the line with Leona, acting as a witness to the event and a source of comfort to the homeowner.

With AlarmForce’s two-way voice Alarm Monitoring help is never far away!

Are you looking to secure your home? If so, please give us a call at 1-800-267-2001 so we can explain our options and the two-way voice advantage.