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Home Security Tips During Your March Break Vacation

on Mar 12, 2015

Taking a trip with the family this March break? We know you deserve a relaxing vacation and we can offer the peace of mind while you’re away with the following tips and our very own security systems.


It is known that burglars are most active during holidays and events when people tend to be away from home. So if you’re planning on travelling please ensure you take precautions to help secure your home.

1. Reduce accessibility of entrances - locking doors and windows are obvious deterrents to a burglar but, depending on your home, there may be more you could and should do. For example, use a bar or hockey stick to block sliding doors or windows that may not have the best locks. You should also ensure the garage doors are locked as this is often an easy entry point for burglars. Please also ensure all deadbolts are at least one inch in size and that all door and window frames are sturdy.

2. Get a home security system – a home alarm system is a great deterrent from stickers in doors & windows all the way to a loud alarm and, in the case of AlarmForce, a voice of a real live person coming over the speaker inside the home to voice threaten a burglar and ensure authorities arrive as soon as possible. Choose an alarm company with a great rating on the Better Business Bureau (our rating is A+) and that offers the right technology to secure your home (we stress the importance of motion sensors and door contacts but also have a great selection of sensors & detectors).

A security camera can also work wonders in both catching and deterring a burglar. As most burglars will approach the front door to see if anyone is home, this where we mount our VideoRelay security cameras. VideoRelay has a motion sensor and can alert you in real-time every time someone comes to your door and provide you the photo evidence. You would then be able to use you own phone to speak to a person through the camera to find out why they are there…and, of course, you will be able to watch past recorded video clips.

3. Make it look like you are there – before you go away you should take steps to make the home look like its being lived in. Mowing the grass, trimming hedges, ensuring newspaper deliveries or mail doesn’t stack up and similar activities that would suggest to a burglar that you might be home are all worthwhile actions.

4. Light it up – burglars like the dark as it’s easier to hide meaning they have a greater comfort level they won’t be caught. Setting automated lights in and around the home will both make the home look lived in and also provide less coverage for a burglar trying to sneak into the home.

5. Keep valuables away from windows – burglars are always looking for valuables that they can sell. Keep all valuables out of site from windows. By valuables we mostly mean jewelry, art and small electronics but it is also important to keep car keys away from windows as there has been a smash and grab trend happening.

6. Love thy neighbour – All of the above will help but there is still no substitute for a human presence. See if a trusted neighbor can keep their eyes and ears open for suspicious activity and also if they can help eliminate signs that you are not there, such as; clearing newspapers, emptying mail box, mowing the lawn and both putting out plus bringing in the garbage.

7. Keep your plans to yourself – trips are exciting and you will likely want to share the news – do so with caution. It is great telling those you trust your travel plans but you do not want that info in the wrong hands. If you must use social media to share your travel plans you should ensure they are to a private network and never to a public one. Still, we would recommend the pre-travel posts in favour of the post travel posts which are usually more interesting anyway.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Have a fun and safe March break!

- AlarmForce