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Introducing Fall Detection by AlarmCare

on Jan 02, 2015

About AlarmCare

It is widely reported that a senior in North American has a personal emergency every 10 minutes. AlarmCare by AlarmForce has been there for those with personal emergencies since 2008. Our goal is to get help when it is needed the most and thereby provide peace of mind for those living independently as well as their families.

What we have done since 2008 is put help just a button push away and we’re now pleased to introduce Fall Detection by AlarmCare. With Fall Detection help can be automatically triggered when a fall is detected. Once triggered, the system will immediately send a signal for help and an AlarmForce Central Station representative will come over a two-way voice speaker to assist.

If the customer verifies the emergency or are unable to respond, AlarmCare will send help right away - this can be an ambulance, family member, neighbor, or friend. We will stay on the line with the customer until help arrives.

Introducing Fall Detection by AlarmCare

Fall Detection from AlarmCare is a waterproof pendent with built in sensors that will detect when a fall occurs and automatically places an alert call to our central station for help.

  • All the benefits of our standard medical alert service plus the ability to detect a fall and automatically call for help.
  • Built in sensors detect a fall and automatically activate an alert call to our central station.
  • Lightweight and Waterproof necklace pendent: wear it in the bath or shower where most falls occur.


Elderly Alerts or Emergency Pendants provides safety and security for;

  • Elderly People who live alone, or are alone at times
  • People with medical conditions
  • People with difficulty walking or in danger of falling
  • Anyone who may need help in the event of an emergency


The AlarmCare system was designed to be a simple and convenient Elderly Medical Alert for people seeking more independence and security in their lives. It also provides your loved ones with the peace of mind of knowing that you are always connected to help and never alone. If you know someone who could benefit from this added element of comfort and security, please call today and one of our friendly consultants will gladly inform you all about the AlarmCare Medical Alarm System and answer all your queries regarding the service.

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