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87% of Ontarians have a Carbon Monoxide alarm but CO Poisoning is still a real threat

on Nov 21, 2014

CO poisoning is known as the silent killer as it hard to detect given it has; no colour, no taste and no smell. Every year there are hundreds of hospitalizations in Ontario as a result of CO poisoning. A CO alarm is a reliable defense but only if it is in working order and in the right places/s of your home.

Here is what you can do to stay safe from CO poisoning.

Inspect & properly maintain fuel burning appliances. Ensuring your fuel burning appliances are working correctly is the best way to avoid a CO leak. Yet, only 55% of Ontarians with a fuel burning appliance have had maintenance performed in the past year.

You may need another CO alarm. CO alarms should be installed on every floor in your house. It is also recommended that a CO alarm be placed near bedrooms.

Your CO alarm may be in the wrong place. A CO alarm should not be placed near windows, vents or bathrooms -- where moving air occurs. The alarm should also not be placed within 5 feet of furnaces – a mistake that 32% of Ontarians make.

Test the alarm often. Press the test button and if you hear a constant sound the CO alarm is in good working condition. Generally, your CO alarm has a life of 5 years.

Have an emergency plan. If the CO alarm sounds everyone should know the plan is to leave the house quickly and meet outside.

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