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Can You Install a Home Security System in an Apartment?

on Oct 28, 2014

Yes! Not only do you have the ability to, but you should install one!

Renters are 85% more likely than homeowners to experience a home invasion or robbery.

Although it might seem safer to be living close to other tenants, dangers are more likely to arise, as having people in and around your apartment building are rarely suspicious.

A home security system is an important part of the recommended suite of apartment robbery prevention measures.

The Apartment and Condo Security System Differences

Renters once worried about the extensive installation process, including drilling and running cables that accompanied traditional alarm systems, but modern technology has made these concerns obsolete.

The apartment security systems of today are completely wireless, requiring no cable-pulling, holes in the walls, or damage of any kind. Your landlord will have no complaints whatsoever.

Importance of Apartment and Condo Security Systems

Apartment or condo security systems can counter many severe security vulnerabilities in apartments.

A typical apartment’s greatest unchecked vulnerability is the sliding balcony door. Notice how banks never use sliding vault or office doors? There’s a great reason for that!

Sliding doors do not ever, really, lock. The door’s “lock” prevents the door from sliding, but does nothing to prevent the door from being easily and soundlessly popped out from the bottom.

Circuit sensors, on the other hand, will trigger an alarm whether the door is slid or popped open, strengthening this weak point.

Another key problem for apartments is that the large, and often dark, exterior makes it easy for criminals to skulk around unnoticed. They can then take their time to fully remove panes of glass from windows. This weakens your apartment’s security immensely. Even worse, if thieves are careful to smash out the glass without opening the pane, robbers can avoid triggering the circuit alarms. In this case, the only defense is a motion detector alarm.

How Apartment Security Systems Deter Crime

The best security systems, for houses or apartments, involve two-way voice communication.

As soon as the alarm is triggered, the operator can both hear and address the intruder. The operator then immediately announces that the authorities have been contacted and asks for identification.

The two-way audio both demonstrates that a real person is aware of the break-in, and allows the operator to collect situational information to help the police.