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AlarmForce Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

on Oct 09, 2014

Thanksgiving means spending time with your family, enjoying amazing food, and, unfortunately, driving long distances to get to them.

Every year, our major roadways see an immense increase in road congestion which can lead to more accidents, more injuries, and more time spent handing over your insurance information when you should be enjoying the pumpkin pie.

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who will be hitting the highway to get to your loved ones this thanksgiving, follow our AlarmForce road safety tips to ensure you’ll arrive safely in time for dinner.

  1. Do a safety check of your vehicle
  2. Check road conditions before heading out
  3. Get a good sleep the night before
  4. Bring proper emergency kits
  5. Remember your GPS
  6. Check your vehicle’s load capacity
  7. Avoid road rage
  8. Don’t text and drive
  9. Adhere to all traffic laws
  10. Prepare the car for kids and pets

Make Sure Your Ride is Road Ready

Filling the gas tank a few days before the weekend rush will likely save you a few dollars, but fuel isn’t the only prep your car needs. Checking head and break lights, tire pressure, and fluid levels will ensure your ride goes smoothly.

Prepare for Rough Weather

Knowing what you’re in for during your ride will help you prepare for elements. Whether it be rain or snow, preparing your car with proper seasonal tires and ensuring somebody who can confidently drive through the elements is behind the wheel will keep your family safe in even the worst weather conditions.

Be Well Rested For Your Drive

Driving while tired can decrease your reaction time and increases the chance of an accident. In fact, studies show that nearly 100, 000 crashes caused by fatigued drivers are reported each year. Get your proper 6 to 8 hours of sleep the night before so you’re fresh and alert for your ride!

Have an Emergency Kit on Hand

No matter how prepared you are, sometimes vehicle breakdowns and personal injuries happen. Ensure your emergency kit is properly stocked with a blanket, flashlight, tire repair supplies, first aid kit and drinking water in case you find yourself stranded.

Bring a GPS

GPS’s aren’t just great for getting you from point A to point B, but they’ll be able to easily navigate you to the closest gas stations, hotels, restaurants and hospitals along the way.

Know Your Load Capacity

Carpooling is a great way to save on gas and reduce harmful car emissions, but how many people can you really fit into your Mini Cooper? Do you need your work tools to stay in the trunk of your truck for the weekend? Is there anything in the van you can temporarily take out to reduce drag? Know how much your car can carry, and pack (or unpack!) the car accordingly.

Stay Patient While on the Road

No matter how thoughtfully you’ve planned your route, chances are you’re going to run into traffic along the way. Keep calm and minimize your stress levels so you don’t experience any unnecessary road rage on your drive.

Don’t Text and Drive!

If you’re expecting an important phone call or e-mail, have one of your passengers in charge of answering your phone for you. And if you’re driving solo, make sure you find a safe place to pull over before you read or respond.

Always Obey Traffic Laws

Not only will obeying traffic laws prevent you from getting hefty fines right before the holiday season, but wearing your seat belt and keeping within the speed limit will ensure you arrive safely!

Make Sure the Car is Ready for the Kids

Both children and pets need special considerations when driving long distances. Ensuring the proper safety seating is in place, that there’s extra water and snacks, and that everybody has enough activities to keep them entertained to make for a quiet and happy ride!

Road safety is essential to ensure you and your loved ones arrive alive. Keep all of these considerations in mind and don’t forget to set your home monitoring system before departing so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend without worry!

Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips