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Where to Store Your Valuables in a Hotel Room

on Oct 07, 2014

If it were always possible to just leave your valuables at home when you traveled, that’s probably what you would do. Keeping them at home or in a safety deposit box provides you with much wanted protection when you travel.

Store Your Valuables

However, since these options aren’t always possible, it’s a good idea to have a plan for when you’re staying at a hotel and you want to keep your valuables safe.

Make no mistake there are people out there who make a living at stealing items from hotels, so you need to be one step ahead at all times.

The In-Room Safe

The in-room safe is usually the most suitable place to store valuables when you are traveling. Ask about the availability of an in-room safe, as well as the dimensions when you are making your reservations. Sometimes, items like your laptop or a tablet won’t fit into the safe and it’s good to know this information beforehand.

The Front Desk

If an in-room safe isn’t possible, you might want to ask about the possibility of keeping your things in the front desk safe. If you’re worried about theft as an issue or you can’t fit certain items in the in-room safe, the front desk is the next best option.

Locked Luggage

At the very least, opt for luggage that has locks on it, and store it out of sight. Most hotel thefts are quick, in and out jobs, so if your valuables aren’t visible, you have a higher likelihood of still having it when you check out. Place your locked luggage with valuables in the bathtub or some other hiding spot that isn’t visible as soon as you walk into the room.

A Secure Room

Keeping the room secure is also important when it comes to keeping your valuables safe. When you go out, make sure any balcony doors and windows are locked and double check the main room door before you go, too.

To give the impression that someone is in the room, you may want to leave a radio or television on, and slip the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door knob. Only ask for maid service when you’re actually around, and do it by calling the front desk. Leaving the sign for cleaning on the door only indicates that you probably aren’t there.

If you can keep these tips in mind when you’re staying in hotels, your valuables should remain safe and you won’t end up being a victim.