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How to Safely Store Your Jewelry

on Sep 15, 2014

Safety deposit boxes are the safest way to store expensive jewelry that doesn’t get worn very often, but many people overspend on safe deposit boxes by getting much larger sizes than they really need. In order to maximize your space, remove jewelry from its original boxes. Many people like to store their jewelry in the original packaging in order to prevent damage to sensitive and expensive stones, but these can take up much more space and will end up costing you more. Instead, purchase sleek jewelry boxes with inner linings and neat partitions to keep each piece of jewelry separate and safe from its neighbors. This will help you optimize your space and will also make it easier to create an inventory of your safe deposit box.

Storing Your Jewelry Safely

Simply number each box and each slot within and use this to easily check that each item on your inventory is present and accounted for. Keeping an inventory of your safety deposit box is the best way to ensure that nothing goes missing and that you always where to find which pieces of jewelry. It will also help you remember to replace items after removing them from storage for a party or social function. A good solution is to maintain a digital log that syncs across your computing devices such as your smartphone, PC, laptop, and tablet.

Organization is key in ensuring all of your jewelry items are safe and well looked after. Create organization numbers that explain each item of jewelry without ambiguity. For example, RWG can tell you that an item is a ring made of white gold. Use this code in conjunction with the numbers of each slot to easily create a complete inventory that doesn’t leave you guessing. Keep notes and descriptions of each item as well. This should include pertinent information such as:

  • The date of purchase;
  • The evaluated price;
  • The date of deposit in the safe box; and
  • Dates of access or removal.

As long as you are careful to keep your inventory up to date, you will always know exactly where your precious pieces of jewelry are, and you can be sure that they are safe from damage and theft. Which items of jewelry you choose to store this way is entirely up to you. You may only want to store your most valuable pieces, or you may wish to store those which have the most personal value to you. Whatever jewelry items you are storing, using these tips is sure to help keep them safe and beautiful for years to come.