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Tips to Safeguard Your Home From Burglars

on Aug 21, 2014

Burglars do more than steal things from homes. They can also make you feel violated and unsafe in your own house. Luckily, there are a few ways you can safeguard your home from burglars without spending a lot of money.

Safeguard Your Home From Burglars

Tip #1: Keep Your Yard Clean

Keeping your yard clean does two things to safeguard your home from burglars:

  • A clean yard makes it harder for burglars to hide while breaking in and stealing things from your house.
  • A clean yard makes the house look "lived in," which tells burglars there is a good chance someone is home.

The common burglar doesn't want to run into anyone. They want to break in, grab some loot, and get out as fast as possible. A clean yard looks like trouble to burglars who don't want to get caught.

Tip #2: Get an Alarm System

Burglars do not want to run into police officers or security guards. When you put an alarm system in your home, it tells burglars that breaking in will alert the authorities. From a thief's perspective, that means too much risk and effort.

Display stickers and signs from the alarm company so that potential burglars will see them before breaking in. The more obvious you make it, the more likely they are to pass by in search of easier targets.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Windows and Doors

Many homes have hollow doors that are easy or thieves to kick down. They also have windows that will open wide, giving thieves plenty of room to get crawl in.

If you don't have the right windows and doors for your home, you might as well leave everything unlocked.

Choose solid doors that can take a few kicks. A strike plate will make it even sturdier.

Install windows that let you limit how wide they open. If the window only opens a few inches, no one can climb through.

Tip #4: Make Friends With Your Neighbors

A neighborhood watch program can help everyone in your community stay safer. If you don't have one (or the energy to start your own), you can still safeguard your home from burglars just by getting to know your neighbors.

Tell your neighbors when you plan to leave home for more than a few days. That way, they can keep an eye on your house. You can return the favor the next time they leave town.