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10 Smart Ways to Defend Against Home Invasion

on Jul 28, 2014

Home invasions are scary. Luckily, you can defend against them with some simple tips.

Home Invasions

#1: Always Lock Doors and Windows

Thieves often look for easy targets. Even something as simple as a locked door could convince them to go elsewhere.

#2: Upgrade Your Door

No one, including thieves, likes climbing in and out of windows. That's why thieves try doors, first. Upgrade your door to make it even harder for someone to break in.

Affordable upgrades include:

  • Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts
  • Add a strike plate to reinforce doors
  • Get a solid wood or metal-clad door.

#3: Install Motion-sensor Lights Outdoors

Motion-sensor lights can take thieves by surprise. When the lights come on, they often run away. This works best when you don't have places for them to hide. Remove or illuminate any hidden areas in your yard.

#4: Put up a Fence

It's difficult for thieves to boost heavy items (like TVs) over fences. The higher the fence, the more protection you get.

#5: Install an Alarm System

Choose an alarm that makes a really loud, annoying sound. You want to draw attention to the thief.

Make sure you put the alarm system's sticker in your window. Most thieves don't even want to mess with the possibility of a loud alarm.

#6: Make it Look Like Someone's Always Home

Most thieves aren't violent. They don't want to confront anyone. They just want to grab things and run.

If you make it look like you're at home, even when you're not, then thieves will pass your home. You can give your home a lived in look by:

  • cancelling mail and newspaper delivery when you're out of town
  • using a digital timer so lights come on in the evening
  • leave a car in the driveway
  • Have someone maintain the yard when you're away

#7: Make it Easier for Police to Find Your Home

If someone does break into your house, you'll need to call the police. Using large, reflective house numbers will make it easier for them to find you. Every second matters during a home invasion.

#8: Get a Loud Dog

Thieves don't want to mess around with dogs. If you’re a dog lover, get a dog with a deep, loud bark. If you can't get a dog, post a "beware of dog" sign to make thieves think twice before invading your home.

#9: Get Involved in a Neighborhood Watch Program

Participating in a neighborhood watch program increases security and gives you a chance to meet more of your neighbors. You should meet people you can trust to watch your home when you're not there.

#10: Make a Plan

Everyone in your household should know what to do during a home invasion. Develop a sensible plan that will prevent your family from getting hurt.

These 10 tips should keep thieves away from your home, or at least make life difficult for them if they decide to target you.