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Which Method of Home Alarm Monitoring Is Best For You?

on Jun 24, 2014

It’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of a good home security system, but at the same time there isn’t one set-up or program that’s right for everyone. Different lifestyles, schedules and preferences mean that not everyone will benefit from the same features. One subject that generates a lot of discussion is how to monitor your security system once it is installed.

Home Alarm MonitoringDo I Really Need Alarm Monitoring?

While the most effective method of alarm monitoring is up for debate, you should have it in some form for the very best home security. Many burglaries continue on even when an alarm is sounding because it doesn’t take long for seasoned thieves to do their thing and get away with your property.

However, when the alarm and system are monitored it paints a different picture. It’s no longer just a loud noise trying to scare someone off. It means that someone is checking on the status of the alarm and help will be on the way, if required. But which method is best for you?


A self monitored alarm system means that you can check in on an alarm status yourself. This may be done through a smart phone app or on a computer, or you can set it up so you get a call on your cell phone or an email alerting you to what is happening. In most cases, your alert will let you know what area or zone triggered the alarm.

With some systems you can check what’s going on inside the house via live video feed. This is a valuable feature if you have children that must be home alone while you are still at work. It provides a great deal of comfort and peace of mind when you have the ability to peek in.

Homeowners who prefer self monitoring their home alarm system like the fact that there is less expense and they feel they are more in control of what is happening. However, that advantage can also be a big disadvantage if you’re ever faced with a home invasion situation and there’s no one else to help.

Professional Services

Having your home alarm system monitored professionally doesn’t mean that you have to give up all control. It will be monitored remotely by the company, but you can still have access and check the status whenever you like.

In a way, professional monitoring is like an insurance policy or extra layer of protection. Most of the time, the alarm itself is enough to get burglars out of your house, but having a professional on the case within seconds of the alarm sounding will get help to your door a lot faster. In the end, the decision is yours but take the time to explore both options before choosing one over the other.