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Increased Home Protection and Security For Elders

on Jun 20, 2014

As awful as it sounds, there are many people out there more than willing to take advantage of, and prey upon older people in their homes. And since so many seniors aren’t interested in giving up their independence, it’s important to have adequate home protection and security available.

Home Protection

Here are a few tips and ideas to help keep the seniors in your life safe and happy.

Emergency Alarm Buttons

Some people have made quite the pastime out of poking fun at those old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials, but emergency alarm buttons or pendants can be invaluable in certain situations. They can be used to call for help or to help remind the user to take medications, lock the door or perform other tasks related to home security.

External Doors

Seniors and their families need to feel safe and secure, so take the time to install strong locks on all the external doors in the home. Whether these are deadbolts or another type of lock depends on what everyone finds most suitable, but some type of secure lock is a must-have.

Fire and CO2 Alarms

If you are a caregiver or the family member whose job it is to check in, make sure all the fire alarms and CO2 alarms are tested and operational all the time. Stick to the suggested maintenance schedule and all should be well.

Emergency Numbers

If it’s not possible to have an emergency alarm button, or the senior in your life won’t wear one, at least post pertinent emergency numbers in a place that he or she can see them. Preferably, this will be alongside the telephone to make the process as efficient as possible if they are ever needed.

Lamps and Flashlights

You probably cringe at the thought of your parent or grandparent stumbling around in the dark. Make sure there are several flashlights in the residence with working batteries for power outages and place easy-to-reach lamps in each room so they can always find a light in normal circumstances.

Effective Security System

A strong home security system will likely give you the most peace of mind when it comes to home protection and security for elders. We can provide a full evaluation, help you come up with the right features and walk both of you through the steps so the system is easy to use and provides complete protection 24 hours a day.