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Recovering From the Emotional & Physical Effects of a Burglary

on Jun 10, 2014

If your home has been burglarized, it’s easy for people to tell you to look on the bright side and feel thankful that you’re ok and everyone is ok, but a burglary is still quite a shock, emotionally and physically. After a burglary it’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions, including fear, anger, denial, disbelief, sadness and anxiety.

Effects Of Burglary

It’s rarely just a matter of cleaning up the mess, calling the insurance company and moving on, and sometimes the effects are long-lasting. Here are some tips to help you recover quickly and start feeling like yourself again.

Don’t Hold Back

When you’ve been burglarized, it’s important to allow yourself to experience whatever emotions come up. Different people will have different feelings, but don’t let anyone try to minimize yours. It’s not “silly” to be upset or cry or feel afraid. You’ve been victimized and these feelings are perfectly normal.

Get Support Where You Can

While you’re experiencing these emotions, it will benefit you to get as much support as you need to feel like yourself again. This may come from friends, neighbours, relatives, therapists or spiritual advisors. Just make sure it’s positive and it helps you to feel better.

Follow Your Normal Routine

Moving past a negative event like this is also easier once you’re back in a normal routine. Try not to think of your regular lifestyle and schedule as culprits in the burglary. Your normal routine will help you to feel better and move on.

Stay Healthy

Many burglary victims start to take the role of victim too seriously and give in to self pity afterward. This may include eating or drinking binges to try and find some level of comfort after the shock of being burglarized. Keep in mind that this type of reaction is temporary at best, and staying healthy through good nutrition and exercise will make you feel much stronger.

Take Control

If you’re able to follow the points above, you can eliminate that fear factor and take control of your life and your home. Sometimes, joining a self-defense class helps victimized homeowners feel empowered and allows them to squash that daily fear.

Boost Your Security

And of course, if you didn’t have a home security system installed when your were burglarized, now is the time to get one. Give us a call so we can evaluate your situation and provide the very best options for keeping your home and family safe in the future. If you currently have a system in place and it failed you, we will help make it right.