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How to Minimize Your Losses During a Burglary

on Jun 06, 2014

Sometimes, the severity and overall effect of a burglary is dictated by how many of your valuables the thief is able to steal. This is true for home and car break-ins, and while you may not be able to determine their desire to commit the burglary, you can help to keep the damage to a minimum.

Losses During Burglary

Minimize the Cash

It’s important to remember that the only reason thieves take your valuables is because they have to sell them to get cash. If cash is available they will take it every single time and would much prefer cash over any other item in your house. If you leave cash in your home and there is a burglary, they will find it and take it, so keep the cash to a minimum.

No Easy Grabs

Leaving your purses, wallets or keys on hooks or tables close to the front door makes it easy for burglars too. Not only is it convenient for you, it’s also convenient for them. And even if they come in and trigger your alarm, they can still grab what’s there in front of them before they leave.

Lock Up What You Aren’t Using

For articles like jewelry or firearms that are easily sold on the street but you don’t use regularly, lock them up properly. This means buying a proper lock box and placing it in an area of your home that burglars won’t be able to find it. If the jewelry is valuable or very sentimental, consider getting a safety deposit box at the bank.

Serial Numbers

Just like with jewelry and weapons, selling electronics is easy for a thief, and they will take every single item they can find. You aren’t likely to hide your computers and gaming systems every time you aren’t using them, but you can jot down the serial numbers in case they are taken.

Hide the Meds

Prescription medications have a high black market value, so keep all painkillers, narcotics, antibiotics and other drugs out of sight. Sometimes, these items are sold to teens with terrible consequences.

Protect Your Identity

Most people are aware of how prevalent identity theft is these days, and while much of it takes place online, your identity can still be stolen during a traditional break-in. Birth certificates, passports, tax returns, health information, marriage certificates, social insurance cards, old credit cards or driver’s licenses can all be used to borrow your identity. These things are easy to carry away, so keep them well protected and out of sight all the time.