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How To Minimize Home Security False Alarms

on Jun 03, 2014

When it comes to your home security system, the fact is that the vast majority of home alarm calls turn out to be false alarms. And while a false alarm does mean your system is working and getting a response, it doesn’t make life easier for you or your security company. You want your home alarm system to function efficiently all the time, and part of that is minimising false alarms as much as possible. Here are some ways to help.

Watch Those Fingers

Even though many newer systems no longer require a code, some alarms that do go off when the homeowner keys in the wrong code. If your system is like this it’s important to be careful. Everyone knows how easy it is to tap the wrong key when you’re in a rush, so slow down even if it’s just for that few seconds.

Setting Motion Sensors Correctly

Having a pet trigger your motion sensor is a sure way to trigger a false alarm and get your security company moving for nothing. If you have pets, or even use oscillating fans during the day, make sure you set the motion sensor at the correct level so the alarm isn’t triggered for nothing.

Remember to Disarm

Here’s a common scenario; you arm the system and go out to the car to leave, then remember you forgot something in the house. You run in quickly without disarming the alarm and it goes off. If there’s any chance you’ll be in the house long enough to trigger the alarm, disarm it first.

Check Your Doors and Windows

If any of the doors and windows in your house that are protected by your system aren’t securely closed, a false alarm may result. The alarm system will think someone is trying to break in, so make sure you and your kids close all the doors and windows properly.

Regular Maintenance

Faulty equipment is a common culprit when it comes to false alarms, so keep up on your maintenance. Reputable companies will provide system checks and equipment maintenance to help you keep it all running smoothly. If they give you any testing instructions, follow them and report any irregularities.

The Right Company

It makes sense that choosing a quality security company will help you minimise false alarms. Good companies rarely make mistakes during installation and take you through the system step-by-step so you won’t have any issues when using it. If you have strong customer service, chances are any false alarms will be kept to an absolute minimum.