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Teen Driving Advice for Parents

on May 05, 2014

As children grow up, they’re going to eventually start asking for the keys to the car. Teenagers driving is both a blessing and, for some, a reason for concern. It’s an important marker on their step towards adulthood as they gain a major step towards their freedom – the ability to drive.

Driving Advice For Parents

But parents understandably can have a few reservations about seeing their loved one hop in the driver’s seat and head out on the road. And they have good reason to be concerned. The simple fact is that teenagers are not going to drive as responsibly as adults (for a variety of reasons, not least their still-developing ability to think through and control their impulses actions).

Indeed, it’s a sad fact that teens behind the wheel are among the most likely to be involved in deadly crashes due to their lack of driving experience and general immaturity. These are seen in some common teen driving habits such as speeding and being distracted by passengers in the vehicle.

However, parents aren’t helpless when it comes to their teenager grabbing the keys and hopping in the family car.

Driving school

One of the best ways to make sure your child drives safely is by enrolling them in a driving school program.

They do this through in-class sessions and also trips out in a vehicle with a driving instructor. What’s more, finishing a Young Drivers class can actually cut down the length of time it takes to get a full licence.

Be a positive influence

A teenage driver looks to their parent as a role model when it comes to driving habits. So make sure you have a positive influence on them by driving as safe yourself as you want your teen to drive. Make sure that you take time to drive with your child and teach them safety tips.

A driver’s ed class is not enough

Complement the formal instruction of a driver’s education program by taking your teen on drive. This gives them additional experience and also lets you show them you are about their safe driving habits.