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3 Great Childproofing Tips Videos

on Apr 14, 2014

Children have a way of getting into everything if you leave them alone for even a second. In order to prevent injuries and accidents, it is extremely important to properly childproof your home before your child becomes mobile. Here are two great videos demonstrating what to look for and how to prevent a wide variety of potential problems for infants and toddlers. The final video is an in-depth series on all of the risks within your kitchen with tips on how to make this dangerous room safe for your child.

Baby Center explores

Infants Even before your child becomes mobile they can get themselves into trouble by being their usual inquisitive selves. This video from Baby Center explores in detail the 5 top safety tips for protecting your newborn from the hazards of your home. From preventing falls while carrying your baby to securing electrical cords and removing chokables, it is a great watch for any first time parent. And as a bonus it also discusses safe bathing habits and some tips for reducing the risk of SIDS.

locking away cleaning chemicals

Toddlers Curious, mobile, and energetic toddlers have a special way of keeping their parents on their toes. Take some of the worry out of your day by making sure your home is safe for your little explorer. It is always better to prevent injuries and accidents rather than having to treat them so take a look at this video for several great tips including locking away cleaning chemicals and removing small knickknacks as well as how to handle electrical cords and curtains.

kitchen childproofing

The Most Dangerous Room The kitchen is by far the most important room to consider when childproofing as it is full of interesting objects, places to explore, and many hidden dangers. From cleaning chemicals under the sink to pot handles sticking out on the stove to electrical cords from small appliances, this series covers it all. The kitchen is the most common place for injuries and accidental poisoning to occur but making it safer does not take a lot of work, just some clever reorganization. Discussing safety products such as cabinet latches and stove dial covers as well as poison safety tips, this is a great video series from Monkey See which covers all aspects of kitchen childproofing. Most importantly, this video stresses that good childproofing is still no replacement for supervision: toddlers can be exceptionally adept at getting in to places they should not be and thus should be watched closely at all times.