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How to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

on Jan 03, 2014

Settling Into New HomeEach time your family moves into a new home it is like adding a new member to the family, and bidding farewell to one as well. Giving yourself and your family time to grieve and adjust to the changes to your lives is an important step in getting comfortable in your new home. Acknowledge the loss and realize that the feeling will be a temporary one and then use these great tips to help make that new house just as cozy as the old one.

Change Things That Don't Work

Getting used to a new home requires finding the best way to use the space so that it works for you and your family. Instead of being frustrated that your new living room is a different shape, try different arrangements of furniture based on how your family uses the space and you will find a solution that fits your style and improves your day-to-day routines. Accept the house you have and work with the space instead of fixating on what is wrong or different about it.

Make a Refuge

When unpacking for the first time in your new home, focus on one room that you will make your eye of the storm: This is the room that you will get organized and set up first in order to have a calm, relaxing space in which to unwind when you need a break. By making the most important room of your home full-functional right away you will feel more at home in the new space and will more readily accept it as a place of comfort rather than one of chaos.

Depending on your family's habits this might be the living room, kitchen , dining room, or den but it is usually best to choose a shared space for larger families as it will do more to promote an air of family togetherness that you will naturally associate with home. Once this eye of the storm is all set up, take a break before tackling the rest of the house. The next thing you will probably want to unpack is bedrooms as they contain our most personal possessions and nothing quite says “home” like a good night's sleep in one's own bed.

Spend Time There

After the move is complete and your family is unpacked, spend some time settling in to your new home before jumping back into your busy schedules. You will likely need some downtime to recuperate from the stresses of moving anyway and this will be a good time to figure out what changes you need to make to your new home. Make some good memories in the new space by spending time together as a family and it will be easier to settle in to your new routines. Encourage your children to think positively about the new home by asking them what they like best about it.


Finally, fill your home with your favourite decor and pictures of your family. This will help to give the new house a lived in feeling and ease the adjustment process. Be sure to buy new furniture and decorations to fill space if you are moving to a new home: half-empty rooms will only make the house feel too large and unfriendly.