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Take Home Security Precautions When Renovating

on Dec 09, 2013

Home RenovationHome renovation projects are fun and the results can be very rewarding, letting you remake your current residence and have a new, but still familiar, space. And in today’s topsy-turvy real estate market, selling your place and moving into a brand new home may not be an option. Thankfully, renovations bring a high benefit-for-dollar ratio, but remember to keep in mind the home security issues of a remodeling project, which will see outside contracts have open access to your private domain.

So before you launch your renovation, make sure you have a sense of just how big the project is going to be, and how many outside workers will be involved. You’re your home be turned into Grand Central Station by the number of contractors coming and going? Will you be there during the work hours to keep tabs on your family and your home? Since renovation work normally occurs during regular working hours, the answer is likely no.

Though you may be able to have someone you trust – such as relative or baby sitter – stay during the labour and keep your home secure, in any case you should ensure you only hire licensed, insured and bonded contracts.

What’s more, you should double-check that your home insurance covers you for any property damage or stolen items during a home makeover. These are small steps that can be dealt with quickly before you get your renovation going. The old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure has never been more applicable!

Other questions to keep in mind include whether any children or family members will be alone during the renovation work, whether pets may get out when contractors enter and leave through the doors and how your home can be secured after the labourers leave for the day.

During the renovation, AlarmForce can help you keep watch on your home. When you give your security code to contractors so they can access your home, their entry and exits are tracked and logged, letting you check that they activate the alarm on their way out.

And our 24/7 monitoring will ensure that nobody comes back later, when both your family and any contractors are gone our out, and takes advantage of your under-renovation residence.

Once the renovation is done, do a sweep of your new additions or remade rooms to make sure they’re secure. AlarmForce can help you add new sensors to any newly installed doors, along with sensors on windows and other points of entry or access in your new rooms.