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How to Think Like a Burglar to Help Defend Your Home

on Oct 14, 2013

It makes sense that if you really want to keep your house safe from burglars, that thinking like a burglar is a good first step. If you’re able to transform your thought process to the way a burglar thinks, you’ll know if your home is a good target or if it is one that will be ignored. Even if it turns out that your house is a prime target, there are a few relatively simple fixes that will make it a lot less so.

Security SystemsThe first thing to do is take a slow walk around your property with your analytical hat on. Assess any weak points and make a list. Look for doors and windows that don’t seem secure, hiding places such as bushes or things you have placed around the house and a lot of dark areas at night. Think of ways to slow a thief down physically and break his spirit mentally. High quality locks on windows and doors show a burglar that you are serious about home security and it makes it much more difficult to get in. When padlocks and other types of locking systems are visible, it basically lets everybody know that you mean business.

On top of keeping the place locked up tight, keeping it well-lit at night will help with that peace of mind that every homeowner looks for. The final touch is a high quality, two-way voice security system so someone will always know if one of your security efforts didn’t work. Locks, reinforced windows and doors and a bright, clear area goes a long way toward keeping burglars off your property, but that doesn’t mean every single one will get the hint. Many burglaries happen during the day while everyone is out, so having a company watching out is always a positive.

Just imagine the surprise and panic a burglar would feel if he actually did get in and then the house essentially started talking to him. He would run for the hills empty-handed, and he might just give up the burglary game for a while or for good. As long as you keep in mind that it all starts with thinking like a burglar, everything will fall into place and you’ll end up with all the security features you need to keep your home and property secure.