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How to Report a Burglary to the Police

on Oct 11, 2013

Burglaries are an unfortunate part of life for many people, and even though it is upsetting and shocking when it happens, you must gather yourself and call the police as soon as possible. You may be calling because you’ve been told to do that all your life, you may want the perpetrator found and thrown in jail, you may want your possessions back, or a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, the “when” of reporting your burglary is probably just as important as or more important than the “how”.

Report a BurglaryYou may have been burglarized two hours ago, eight hours ago or two days ago, and whenever it happened; your things have been out there for that amount of time. Burglars steal your things to re-sell them on the black market, and the longer the burglary goes unreported, the lower the likelihood of the burglar and your possessions being found. So, as soon as you discover the burglary, make sure everyone is safe and call the police. Speak clearly and give as much information as possible. Listen to the instructions they give you so everything proceeds as it should with the investigation.

They will likely instruct you to leave the scene as you found it, so don’t move anything before you call them. While they are on the way, get a notebook and try to make a list of all the things that were taken. This list will be valuable for the police and your insurance company. Once the police get there, just let them do their work and answer any questions they ask of you. If you have to fill out a police report, be as detailed and truthful as possible.

Since burglars are known to return to the homes that are not secure, make a point of going through and looking for the weak points, then fixing them. Aside from the obvious things like doors and windows, check to see if your landscaping needs grooming to remove potential hiding spots and increase your outdoor lighting to make your home less inviting at night.

In the hotter months, burglars have even been known to push first-floor air conditioners into the house and get in that way, so if you use one consider central air conditioning as a security feature. Whether you end up getting your things back or not, take the measures you need to take so it never happens to you again.