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How to Make Your Sliding Glass Door Safer to Protect Against Burglars

on Oct 09, 2013

One of the places that home burglars love to gain entry into your house is through sliding glass doors. Many of the standard sliding doors that are part of modern home construction don’t make it very difficult for a skilled burglar to get inside when you aren’t home. If sliding doors are fashioned with a basic locking mechanism, it doesn’t take much to get it open and gain entry. Then, once inside, you can say goodbye to your valuables.

Sliding Glass DoorNow, no one is saying that you should forget about the sliding glass doors and start paying for major home renos. That isn’t practical and it’s also unnecessary if you modify your sliding doors to make them safer. In most cases, a burglar wants to gain access through the sliding glass door because it is an easy way to get in. He isn’t interested in smashing through it with a baseball bat and attracting the attention of the neighbourhood.

If he does the things he normally does and sees that it isn’t working, he will likely move on and try someplace else. One of the things you can do to combat is have an extra lock installed on the sliding door, or a metal hinge bar or anti-slide block. Something that will make it necessary for a burglar to take extra steps is probably going to send him away without getting in.

Patio door bars, which are also called “Charlie bars” are an effective and relatively simple way to make your sliding doors safer. These bars can be fastened in two places to provide reinforcement and security.

Naturally, the most effective way to improve the security of your sliding glass doors is to get new ones. If you are in a position where new sliding doors are in the budget, it’s wise to select doors that have built-in security features such as kick locks, thumb-turn deadbolts and multiple locking points. The more features you can get in there, the better off you’ll be in terms of security.

Overall, boosting the safety of sliding glass doors on your patio or on the side of the house is a key to keeping burglars out and keeping your possessions and family safe.

Alarm Force is happy to be there every step of the way to enhance all of the security features you’ve added to your sliding doors and other entry points.