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How to Secure your Apartment from Burglars

on Sep 06, 2013

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When it comes to home safety, there’s often a misconception that apartment buildings and condos are more burglar-proof than single, detached homes. This theory comes from the notion that there is always safety in numbers. Many people believe that dozens of other neighbours are around to witness a potential theft, and that the building’s security team is in the lobby to keep burglars out.

But the truth is, apartments are just as a susceptible to burglaries as any other dwelling. All day long, there is foot traffic in and out of the building. There are times when someone might ask to be let in because they couldn’t reach their friend through the intercom. Or perhaps the person looks like an innocent delivery man trying to drop-off a parcel. So when we do let strangers in, it’s often difficult to decipher whether he/she was a genuine visitor or a burglar.

One of the safest and easiest ways to prevent apartment thefts is to install a Burglar Alarm System within the actual unit.

Here are a few things burglars look for when targeting a home:

Apartment units that look unattended, especially for long periods of time

Easy access through open windows or cracked frames

Sticker labels indicating the home is protected by an alarm system

Noises from television or radio systems

Amount of lighting (lots of lighting is a often a deterrent for thieves)

Tips to secure your apartment from burglars:

Install automatic light timers

These devices allow your lights to go on and off using a preset timer. Light timers are particularly useful if you’re away on vacation or coming home late from work. Customize the settings to make it look like residents are at home during dinner hours or early in the morning as the sun is just rising.

Secure doors and windows

Ensure all your locks are working properly and replace any devices that are worn out. Deadbolt door locks are more secure than regular ones and definitely worth the investment. Install a peephole on your front door so you can check who’s on the other side before opening it. If your apartment is on a lower level, burglars can easily climb in through the windows. That’s why it’s crucial to check your window frames to ensure they’re intact and not eroding.

Invest in an interactive alarm system

An alarm system coupled with 24-hour surveillance is one of the best ways to stop a burglar in his tracks. Not only will the siren scare the thief away, it will also notify your neighbours that something is wrong. Meanwhile, your alarm company will also be notified that a break-and-enter is underway and officers will be immediately dispatched to your home.

Advertise your alarm system

Once an alarm system is installed, we will provide you with stickers and a sign. Paste these stickers in highly-visible areas, like windows and on the front door. Make sure the sign is in a visible area that can be seen at night. These indicate to burglars that an alarm system is already in place, forcing wary thieves to move on to another location.

State of the Art Home Security with AlarmForce

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