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Reasons why Not to Bundle your Home Security Service With Your Cable Company

on Jul 20, 2013


As more and more cable companies begin to offer home security, they encourage their customers to add the service to their bundle. They say that since you already have your home phone, internet and television with them, adding their home security service will increase your savings.

More "great" services = More "great" savings.

Sounds good right?

Well in fact it is too good to be true and not everything is actually what it seems. Sadly, cable companies have a reputation for deceiving their customers. They will tell you one thing when you initially inquire about adding services, then when you look at your bill you'll see something else. Their prices are inflated and they reserve the right to raise them at any time. By inflating their prices, they can then offer the bundled reductions, which even once those lower prices are given; are significantly more than other companies. Beyond that they operate as a "jack of all trades, and master of none" by adding services to offer to their customers without those services truly being top of the line.

At AlarmForce, we offer only one service to our customers - home security. Our specialization in home security allows us to offer the most advanced security at the lowest price. Our sole aim is to provide the highest level of protection to all of our customers at the absolute lowest cost.

Here are more reasons to avoid bundling your security services with your cable company:

Cable Companies "Tie You Up":

    • When people are reliant on one company for multiple services, such as cable, home phone, internet, and home security, they are more likely to stay with that one company even if one of the services are subpar. They are more likely to put up with inferior service because of the hassle of unbundling their current package and seeking out another company to provide the same service. Cable companies know this, which is why they push to "tie you up" through bundle packages. More Services Equal Higher Rates (Which They Will Raise Over Time)
    • You sign a contract for a service for $35/month... Think in a year you'll still be paying that amount? Probably not. In your cable company contract, there's a clause that states the cable company can raise your rates at anytime - and they are notorious for doing so. Adding more services equals higher overall rates, which will in turn continue to rise and rise and rise where that $35/month you were paying will end up being $45/month. Over the course of a year, that extra $10/month equals $120!!! Buyer beware.

Quality of Service:

    • You always need to consider the quality of service a home security company provides you, so before you choose a home security company, look at their reputation in the industry. What's their Better Business Bureau rating? Has the company won any awards for excellence in home security? Are they regarded as industry experts? Cable companies are so new to the security scene; they have no track record of top level protection. Plus, they are known to provide bad service.
    • Finding a quality home security company should be on the top of your list when choosing who will protect your home. AlarmForce not only provides top-tier service with a high level of customer satisfaction, an A+ BBB rating, and awards for excellence in the industry (i.e. Frost & Sullivan Residential Security Award), we also provide the lowest prices in the industry as well!

Do Your Own Research:

  • Rather than believing a cable company's sales pitch about bundling, take it into your own hands to do a little research. Compare cable companies that bundle their home alarm service with companies like AlarmForce which focus solely on home security and do the actual math. Compare the prices even with the bundled discount and you'll find that AlarmForce is by far the best value. AlarmForce Industries Inc. is one of the leading and most respected home security companies in North America. We provide peace of mind to over 300,000 people with live two-way voice security and have been regarded as the industry leader for over 25 years.

Call 1-800-267-2001 today, or visit to learn more about our products and services, and be protected by one of North America's leaders in home security - AlarmForce!