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Quick Security Tips For Moms:

on Jul 15, 2013


One of the most important things for mothers is keeping their families safe. When it comes to security, moms want to know their families have the best protection possible. With that said, there are a few practical things moms can do to increase the level of security in their home.


Keep Your Door Locked/Don’t Open the Door To Strangers:


We tell our kids all the time to make sure the front door is locked and never answer the door to a stranger, when often we forget to do it ourselves. The first rule of home security is to always keep your doors locked. When your door is unlocked anyone can enter your house at any time. It’s such a simple thing to do, that immediately increases your level of protection.

My mother used to always say to me: “never open the door to strangers”. Makes perfect sense, however too often people unlock their front door for whoever comes knocking. Just because someone is at our door, it doesn’t mean we have to open it for them. Stay safe and if you don’t recognize the person at your front door – don’t open it for them. Be safe and use common sense.


Invest in a Home Alarm/Surveillance System:

You’re probably thinking, “Do I really need a home security system? I live in a safe neighbourhood, and my home isn’t very large” No matter how safe your neighbourhood or how small your property is, the value of an alarm is enormous. A house with an alarm system is 3 times less likely to be broken into than a house without one. The deterrent value of an alarm system, especially the lawn sign and window decals, which show any potential burglars that your home is protected, is enormous.

Beyond that, surveillance systems can add a higher level of security and peace of mind to any household. With AlarmForce’s video cameras, not only can you keep an eye on your home 24/7 but you can even answer your front door by using your smart-phone device. You could be halfway across the world and be notified in real-time when someone approaches your door; you can then speak to that person through your phone. This feature alone is excellent for deterring thieves, as they will likely believe you are at home, thus decreasing the likelihood of a break-in.

How to Monitor Your Kids Online:

Monitoring your kids online has gotten more difficult throughout the years with the popularization of social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The new realm of social media has made it so easy to share personal information, photos, and even real-time alerts of your exact GPS location. With this new technology, parents have to be very aware of what kind of information their kids are posting online.

There are some simple things to remember in regards to protecting your children online. Firstly, they should never “friend” anyone online that they don’t know in person offline. Secondly, they should never post personal information on any social media platform. Third, all pictures they post should not have any personal information in the picture (shirts with school names, addresses, etc). Lastly and most important, have an on going dialogue with your children about the potential dangers of social media and create an environment where they can come to you at anytime with questions or concerns about anything. The more you educate your children about the potential dangers and risks of sharing information online, the better equipped they are to make wise decisions.

Don’t Hide Your Spare Keys in Common Places:

This may seem like a no brainer, however too many people still hide their keys in the mailbox, under their front door mat, or under flower pots. Hide your spare keys in a place that is not commonly searched. You won’t believe how many burglaries can be averted this way.

Make Sure the Outside of Your Home is Well Lit:


Making sure the outside of your home is well lit is a strong deterrent to potential thieves, however it’s not cost effective to leave your outside lights on throughout the night. With that said, a great solution is installing outside lights that are activated through motion detectors. This way, when someone approaches your home the light will automatically turn on. These lights act as a great deterrent for potential thieves, but also are handy for when you come home at night and need a little extra light (so you don’t trip over a wayward hose, etc).

These are all practical and inexpensive tips that you can follow to keep you and your family safer. Stay tuned for our weekly tips section, which can be found right here on the AlarmForce blog!

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