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Beware of Door to Door Alarm Salespeople

on Jun 04, 2013

You wouldn’t use a door to door doctor or trust a door to door lawyer, so why would you let a door to door alarm sales person secure your home and family. Year after year more and more companies are going door to door to get new alarm customers. This method is generally frowned upon by homeowners and due to the misleading nature of the sales tactic multiple State Attorney General Offices are aggressively attempting to curb this practice. However, more and more potential customers are signing contracts with alarm companies that use this method.

Two of the companies that go door to door are ADT and Vivint.

Here are a few things to remember when thinking about signing a contract with a door to door alarm company.

Door to Door Alarm Scam


  1. The door to door salesperson at your house isn’t a full-time employee of the home alarm company. In most cases they are either a summer part-time salesperson (Vivint) or a dealer (ADT). This is important because they get paid for getting you to sign a contract. With that said, their only concern is you signing on the dotted line, meaning they will make promises and claims that later may not be supported. Once you sign the contract you will never see that salesperson again, leaving you stuck with the unfulfilled promises andhigh monthly fees that continue to rise due to hidden clauses in the contract. Long story short – door to door salespeople lie.
  2. When someone is at your door, there is no check and balance system to verify what they are saying. There are no recordings, so they can and do lie. Compare that with the process of calling AlarmForce. All of our phone calls are recorded and can be checked later – so there is a thorough log which can be used to verify claims and give our customers the best experience.
  3. Trust is important when choosing an alarm company, which leads back to the door to door doctor comparison. You wouldn’t trust a door to door doctor with your life, so what makes a door to door salesperson worthy of protecting you and your family? Was this sales person given a background check? Do they have a criminal record? Are they truly employed by the company? All AlarmForce employees are thoroughly screened, background checked and trained, so we are confident they can and will give you the best customer experience and protection possible.

AlarmForce has seen firsthand how door to door salespeople lie, trying to deceive existing AlarmForce customers by saying things like “our company bought AlarmForce and for just a few extra dollars we can update your keypad”. For existing AlarmForce customers and potential new customers, please be aware that ALARMFORCE DOES NOT GO DOOR TO DOOR AND WILL NOT GO DOOR TO DOOR!

Remember, whenever someone comes to your home use caution. Don’t open the door to a stranger and be wary with all things door to door salespeople say. If you want a home alarm company, do your research and CALL a reputable home alarm company. Check the Better Business Bureau ratings for the company to see how their customer service is. Make an informed decision and don’t get burned by the door to door scam.