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How Can Motion Sensor Alarms Improve My Safety?

on Dec 02, 2009

Many people ask us questions everyday about the products and services that we use at AlarmForce. In this feature our goal is to educate you on the importance of using motion sensors as part of your security solution.

What are Motion Sensor Alarms?

Motion Sensor Alarms detect movement in a specified area or beam of coverage. These types of alarms will analyze patterns, sense irregularities in common patterns and report them. They come in various types including light sensors, radar sensors or systems using sound waves.

Parts of a Motion Sensor Alarm

Motion Sensor Alarms consist of a sensor, controller and a speaker. The Controller controls the system, it can be used to activate / inactivate the alarm. The Controller requires a password for authentication.

Sensors monitor the area to be protected. We can program the system to switch off during certain parts of the day. Advanced systems allow the owner to send signals via a SMA code using the mobile system to disable the motion alarm system.

Motion Sensor Alarm Installation

Some Motion Alarm Systems can be monitored via an online interface as well. You can install motion sensor cameras which record movements. The motion sensor analyzes the pattern in the specific area of the house using light waves, soundwaves and sometimes radar waves. As soon as an irregularity in the pattern is sensed this set of the alarm. Usually the best places to install the motion sensor alarms are doors, big windows, hallways, radiators, stairs etc.

Why use a Motion Sensor Alarm?

Burglar alarm systems help to turn away intruders. In fact, homes that have burglar alarm systems are 3 times less likely to be robbed than those without. The motion sensor alarm usually senses the disturbance and sets off the alarm alerting the owners and neighbours too. But there are certain advanced motion sensor alarms that notify an emergency situation to the local police station. Some of the advanced burglar systems can even tell the difference between intruders and animals (usually house pets).