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How Many Sensors Does AlarmForce Put Into Your House

on Oct 26, 2009

AlarmForce wants to help you protect your entire house. We want to put you at ease and figure out ways to best secure your premises.

Most customers have raised the question “How Many Sensors Does AlarmForce Put in My House?”.

AlarmForce offers you the ability to tailor the system to your needs, whether it is to protect your entire house or selected rooms; you can choose the number of sensors to install. We have found that our basic package is more than sufficient for the average house, however if you wish to add extra protection, the system is completely adaptable to individual needs. Smoke detectors, wireless pendants, and a variety of other components are available to meet your needs.

I have a dog or cat at home

If you have a cat or a dog you can still install AlarmForce. Almost 50% of AlarmForce's customers have pets. The sensors can be positioned to create a "pet alley" that allows your pets to be mobile while the alarm is set. Because our system is wireless it is very easy to adapt for pets.

Windows Contacts Versus Motion Sensors

Window contacts are expensive and ineffective. A thief can simply break the window glass, without opening it, and enter your home without tripping the alarm. AlarmForce knows that the most effective system in home protection involves motion sensors. By combining motion sensors with our patented two-way communication technology, you will be in direct voice contact with an AlarmForce operator almost immediately after a break-in. In certain specific situations window sensors can be installed, often coupled with glass break sensors.

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