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How to Prevent Burglaries

on Oct 21, 2009

Browsing through the Internet I came across some statistics for Burglaries in Canada. While the statistics are a bit old, it does give us a grim picture. As per the statistic below, Canada improved its relative grade from a “C” in the 1990s to a “B” in the 2000s.


The best part is that there is a noticeable reduction in burglaries by increased awareness among the residents of Canada.

Preventing Burglaries is the best remedy. You can install home alarm systems which will help thwart burglars.

What does a burglar think?

When someone tries to break into a house or a vehicle they look for easy pickings. Houses which have no security system in place, homeowners gone on a family vacation, houses where the owner lives alone are the most preferred targets.

The deterring factor is when they notice that a burglar alarm system has been installed. They would rather go on to the next house rather than get caught or waste their time trying to break in.

They want to limit risk.

What part can you play in preventing your house from getting burgled?

  1. Install a peephole so that you can be careful who enters your house.
  2. Clean up your yard off all toys and litter, keep it clean. Don't entice people to pick up stuff lying around.
  3. Close all doors & windows whenever you are away. It does not matter how long you are gone.
  4. If you have a home alarm system installed, make sure it is switched on.
  5. Install lights outside the house. Lights deter burglars. You can invest in motion sensor lights or lights which work on timers. This is well worth the investment, especially when you are away on a vacation.
  6. Try to minimize dark corners, so that there are no places for someone to hide and keep watch.
  7. Convicted burglars have reported that they avoid houses where they can hear voices or radio or television. They would rather break into a house which is unoccupied. They have also stated that they scout the home to determine if there is a house alarm, and if so they try to avoid the house.
  8. Most localities have a neighborhood watch; try to tap into these resources. Engage in conversations with your neighbours so that they help and keep watch for you when required.
  9. If you notice any suspicious activity or a burglary, make sure to report it immediately.
  10. If you are living in an apartment don't let in unknown persons into the building. This is how most burglars gain entry.
  11. Before going on a vacation have someone pick up all your mails and newspapers. You can also stop the newspaper service for a while. Throw out all trash and leave the premises clean. The intention is that people shouldn't have a clue that you might be away. Inform neighbors you can trust or a relative to check on the house once in a while.

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