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About Home Burglaries & Break-Ins

on Sep 03, 2009


As we have discussed earlier, residential burglaries have become so common that no home-owner can afford to leave his home unprotected. Statistics show a steady rise in home break-ins and even with all the sophisticated protection systems available, there is no stopping the smart burglar. That being the case with protected residences, one can imagine the circumstances of homes that are left unprotected and it will be interesting to look at how a burglar operates, what he looks for and how he goes about his business.

Burglars Like It Easy

Most criminals who intrude into homes look for a place where they can have it easy. A home that they can break into quickly, steal something of value and escape without being encountered. This is not to undermine the professional ones who are skilful enough to enter into almost any home, however, most criminals get lucky with an open door or window through which they sneak in. Evidently such crimes are self-inflicted because it is usually the laxity on the part of the home-owner that allowed the intrusion in the first place. No home security system can be of any help here.

Home Burglar Entry & Exit Points

The point of entry is usually the rear or by a side door while the second most common access is via the garage door. A burglar likes the backside since he is less likely to be observed and be caught by someone coming through the front door. Windows or doors that are hidden from public view by walls or trees are also welcome entrances. As for the exit route, it is normally the back door and he will probably bolt the front door before making his exit.

Home Burglary Facts

Studies and analysis have revealed other interesting facts about the burglary activity itself. Once a burglar decides on the home to be intruded into he will spend more than a minute trying to break-in and less than five minutes inside. Most burglaries happen on the first or ground floor during the daytime when homes are empty. It is also observed that two person households in which both members are working bear the brunt of burglaries.

Secure Your Home Against Burglars

It is true that there is no foolproof way to keep out a burglar but any kind of deterrence certainly helps. There is the expensive option of having a home security system installed and properly monitored. But even if you can't afford a security system there are simple things that you can very well do which will serve as a shield and reduce the chances of break-ins. It's up to you to spend time to make your home a safer place.