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Know Your Needs While Buying An Alarm System-Part 2

on Jul 13, 2009


The CANASA questions that we shared with you in the last post should have given you a general idea about home alarm systems. In this part, we continue the questions and supply more information that will make you more informative when you go shopping for an alarm system.

Why is monitoring important?

With local systems, in order to receive a response, you must either rely on a neighbour or a passerby to notify authorities that the alarm has activated. An alarm system which has 24-hour monitoring provides you with the security of knowing that at any time the system becomes activated, the monitoring station receives that signal and can take appropriate action on your behalf. For this service, a nominal monthly fee is paid and can be arranged through your alarm installation company. In most, if not all municipalities, alarm systems may no longer be connected directly to the police.

Can I have a different company monitor my system than the one which installed it?

While there are number of companies that install and monitor their own accounts, there are many more that only install systems and contract with a third party monitoring facility to ensure that your premises are monitored. When you are deciding which company to select, be sure to find out who will provide the monitoring. The fact that the installing company subcontracts monitoring services is not a negative feature; in fact, it is a standard practice in the industry. Because of advances in telecommunications, another common practice is that your account may be monitored by an out of town station.

What is the difference between wireless systems and hard wired systems?

While there are many types of products available on the market, the actual system you purchase can be either hard-wired or wireless. For hard-wired systems, there is a wire connecting each device to the central control panel. A wireless system operates on battery, has no wires and transmits its signal by radio frequency. The choice between a wireless and hard-wired systems should be made in consultation with your alarm company.

Who is CANASA?

CANASA (Canadian Security Association) is a national non-profit organization, established in 1977 and dedicated to promoting the interests of its members and the safety and security of all Canadians. This organization is the national voice of the security industry and have a growing membership of more than 1170 companies across Canada, representing all major segments of the industry. CANASA supports its members through a comprehensive network of services, including high quality security education, government relations, marketing, communications, leading industry trade shows and the latest industry information and news.