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Choosing The Right Home Security System

on Jul 01, 2009


In the last post we discussed about choosing a home security company. In this article let's move to the next page, and discuss about choosing the right home security system. The choice you have to make is between wireless and hardwired systems. Here again, the choice can be crucial and one should apply his/her mind properly before coming up with a decision. It's the security of the home and your life that is at stake, surely not something to be casual about. Hope this post provides some pointers and helps to decide what is best for you.

Hardwired Security Systems

First let us talk about hardwired systems. If you are building a new home and you wish to protect it with a home security system, a hardwired system is right for you. The reason is that since the structure is just being built, the framework can be readily modified. It is not a problem to drill holes on the walls and make space for the wires to pass through by knocking off pieces of the structure. And to install a hardwired system you really need to do such things which can prove pretty damaging on an existing structure. With hardwired systems though, there is the risk of the wires being cut by the burglar and security being breached. No matter where you hide the wires, even inside the wall, a smart one can always disconnect them. But there are systems that will alert you if the wires are cut by triggering the alarm automatically. With regard to cost, hardwired systems are usually less expensive and involve less maintenance.

Wireless Security Systems

Now let's look at wireless systems. Wireless security systems come with a control panel, keypad and a mechanism that uses the telephone line to alert the monitoring authorities or sound a warning alarm. They might cost more when compared to hardwire systems, but they have the advantage of being more friendly to the existing building structure. No lengthy wires means no need for alterations to the structure and this is very convenient if you are temporarily renting a house. Also, its ease makes a wireless system the obvious choice for the home owner who wants to install the system himself. While they are easy to install, they require greater maintenance especially with the batteries which should be checked regularly. But the one unbeatable plus wireless systems have over their hardwired counterparts is portability. Wireless systems can be quickly relocated and repositioned in any part of your home without much trouble. There is no tearing down a mounting kit or putting holes in the walls to place the wires.

Making The Choice

As you've seen, there are pros and cons for each system. There is just no right answer to the quesion which is the better security system, wireless or hardwired. It is difficult to pass judgment. But once you take note of the above-mentioned points and weigh your needs with available options you will be able to make decision that suits you. Your personal preference and conviction matter a lot. It's your home and you know it best than anyone else. Surely now you would know how to protect it best with these pointers.