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Jennifer Anderson

Aug 23, 2016, 13:08 PM
Job title:
VP Operations
With 20 years’ experience in both private and public sector, Jennifer holds an impressive track record of improving and/or transforming organizations through technology, process enhancements, and the application of quality standards. Jennifer builds great teams and taps into the power of front line engagement to drive results. In projects, she builds an environment of trust and collaboration across divergent groups and keeps them focused towards the final goal.

The latest in these ventures was a position at WSIB created for her to modernize customer interaction channels and the operating model. Jennifer managed a large, complex business unit of over 500 staff while balancing her change mandate. Prior to WSIB, as a Transitional Executive, she had varied engagements, including; program development /execution, operational reviews and business development for both industry and government clients.
Prior to her role as a Transitional Executive, Jennifer progressed upwards within Minacs, a leading Canadian CRM company, based in Toronto, Ontario. Jennifer held senior management positions in Business Development, Client Services and Operations. Jennifer also led major continuous improvement initiatives both internally and externally for various clients that reduced costs, increased sales and delivered quality processes.


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